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This is the website of the Council of Churches in the city of Delft, presenting information about on-going activities of the churches in Delft, the religious institutions and ecumenical activities. Our website is in Dutch, but below you will find information about a few English-spoken church services in Delft.

Studentenpastoraat (pastoral care of students) MoTiv
 is a centre for personal development in education and business at the Delft University of Technology. It is a joint institution of the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches and the TU Delft. Their programmes focus on soft skill training, teamwork, communication and personal leadership. They are designed for both groups and individuals.
Each Sunday (except in July and August) there is a ecumenical service in the Lutheran Church.
More information: Motiv – Creating Leading Talent
Sunday service: Lutheran Church, Noordeinde 4, Delft each Sunday 11.30 a.m.
More information: Kerk aan het Noordeinde

ICF Delft
ICF Delft is an international church, filled with people from all around the world. From all the continents of the earth, we come together to celebrate our faith and be a fellowship together.
Every Sunday the ICF Delft community gathers to meet God, as the Bible is explained. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a committed follower of Jesus, or just exploring.
More information: ICF Delft

The International Student Chaplaincy Delft
is a community that international students can call second home while being away from their first home. Through their Sunday services and various activities, they bring students together, celebrate diversity, and strive to create peace by being in peace with themselves and the people around us.
Every Sunday ISC Delft offers an English ecumenical service for international students and others interested. Time: 11.30 a.m. at Franciscus & Clara Church, Raamstraat 78.
More information: ISC Delft

RCCG Mount Zion International
Mount Zion International parish traces its roots to the mid 90s, when a couple of Msc. students visiting the then headquarters parish in The Hague, had a chat with Pastor Olotu on the possibility of establishing a parish in Delft. Shortly after that meeting, MZIP was born. Their mission is to bring awareness about God’s existence. If you wish to become a part of our church or a volunteer to help those in need, our community is awaiting you with open hearts.
More information: RCCG Delft or join their service through YouTube

Redeemer International Church Delft
Redeemer International Church Delft holds to the historic Orthodox Christian faith as found in the Bible and summarised in the ‘Ecumenical Creeds’ of the Church (statements of belief developed by the early church, which all Christian denominations agree on).
Meetings are held 11:00 a.m. every Sunday at OPEN (formerly the DOK Centrum / library building) at Vesteplein 100, 2611 WG Delft.
More information: Redeemer Delft or join their service through YouTube

Living Water Christian Fellowship
Church service every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., Hermesstraat 65.
More information: Levend Water (in English) or through their Facebook page

Fullgospel Mission Church Delft
Sunday service at 2.p.m. in Hofkerk, Cort van der Lindenstraat 1, 2613 WP Delft
See http://www.fmc-online.nl